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Operations Roles

Are you interested in pre-law and legal opportunities? Apply to be on the operations team for The Canadian Law Review. Operations Team Members are the heart and soul of CLR - they do everything from marketing to events to outreach to finance to communications to so much more! These opportunities allow CLR operations members to build their pre-law community, engage with law students, lawyers, and advisors, and get hands-on experience with the legal editorial process. CLR currently has an open hiring call for operations roles, on a part-time basis. These positions are unpaid and volunteer roles, that allow team members to fortify their commitment to community, service, and civic engagement. To learn more about an operations role, look through the open positions below.

Info-Technology (IT) Associate

Develop and implement an IT strategy aligned with the organization's goals and objectives. Identify technology solutions that enhance efficiency, and productivity, and support the organization's mission. Manage the website.Create Content on the website.Collaborate with all departments to ensure the website provides all necessary information in representing CLR

Communications Associate

Develop and implement a comprehensive communications strategy to enhance the Canadian Law Review’s (CLR) reputation and visibility. This involves identifying target audiences, determining key messaging, and selecting appropriate communication channels. Collaborate with Chief Marketing Officer, IT, and Newsletter Author, Chief Events Officer and Chief Campus Ambassador to promote and organize CLR opportunities, meetings, and events. Organize all email communications and organize the hiring process for all operations roles Aid in the overseeing of Campus Ambassadors and the Campus Ambassador program alongside the Chief Campus Ambassador.

Marketing Associate

Develop and execute comprehensive marketing strategies to enhance the CLR’s visibility, reach, and impact.Align marketing efforts with the organization's goals and target audiences. Ensure consistent brand identity and messaging across all marketing channels and materials. Develop and maintain brand guidelines and standards.Leverage digital tools and platforms to expand the organization's online reach and engagement.Develop compelling and engaging content for various marketing channels, including website, blog, social media, and newsletters. Collaborate with team members or volunteers to create relevant and impactful content.Monitor and evaluate campaign performance, making adjustments as needed

Newsletter Writer/Editor

Create engaging and informative content for newsletters that are distributed to CLR’s subscribers. Write compelling and relevant content for newsletters, including articles, updates, announcements, and features. Ensure that the content aligns with the organization's objectives and effectively communicates key messages. Conduct research on relevant topics, trends, and news to provide accurate and up-to-date information in the newsletter. Conduct interviews with stakeholders, experts, or members of the organization to gather insights and quotes for articles. Develop a consistent writing style and tone that reflects the organization's brand and resonates with the target audience. Adapt the writing style to suit different sections or themes within the newsletter. Review and edit content for clarity, grammar, spelling, and coherence. Ensure that the content adheres to the organization's style guidelines and is error-free. Assist in the overall management of the newsletter, including planning the content calendar, coordinating with contributors, adhering to deadlines, and ensuring that the newsletter is delivered to the target audience on time.Continuously seek opportunities to enhance skills and knowledge inorder to deliver high-quality content

Finance/Sponsorship Associate

Develop and implement CLR’s financial plans and budgets.Monitor financial performance and provide recommendations to ensure the organization's fiscal health and sustainability.Conduct financial analysis to identify trends, variances, and potential areas for improvement. Communicate financial information to the board of directors and other relevant parties.Develop and implement financial policies and procedures to promote transparency and accountability.Manage the organization's cash flow, including monitoring bank accounts, coordinating payments, and overseeing cash flow projections.Develop financial strategies for fundraising campaigns and grant applications.Provide financial analysis and reporting on fundraising initiatives to support decision-making and demonstrate accountability to donors and grantors.Stay updated on nonprofit financial best practices, emerging trends, and regulatory changes.Maintain the highest standards of ethics, integrity, and confidentiality in handling financial information and transactions

PR/Partnerships Associate

Manage relationships with the public, media, and external partners to enhance the organization's reputation, visibility, and support.Identify target audiences and key messages to effectively communicate the organization's mission and impact.Cultivate relationships with media outlets, journalists, and influencers to generate positive media coverage and increase the organization's visibility.Pitch stories, and respond to media inquiries.Create compelling and engaging content for press releases, media kits, website updates, and other communication materials. Ensure consistent messaging and branding in all external communications.Seek opportunities for collaboration, sponsorship, and partnership to support the organization's initiatives.Identify and pursue potential partnerships with like-minded organizations, businesses, and sponsors that align with the organization's mission and goals.Develop partnership proposals and collaborate on joint initiatives

Human Resources Associate

Collaborate with department heads and hiring managers to identify volunteer’s needs and develop job descriptions.Advertise job openings, screen resumes, conduct interviews, and participate in the selection process.Foster a positive work environment by promoting effective communication, conflict resolution, and employee engagement.Address volunteer’s concerns, grievances, and disciplinary issues in compliance with organizational policies and legal requirements.Conduct investigations when necessary and recommend appropriate actions

Events/Fundraising Associate

Conceptualize and plan a diverse range of events to connect the CLR community. Plan events that align with the objectives of the Law Review publication. Collaborate with multiple departments (communications and marketing in particular) to develop comprehensive event marketing strategies and host successful events. Due to CLR’s large reach from coast to coast, most of these events will be completely virtual. For fundraising, create and plan initiatives that will help achieve CLR's fundraising goals and coordinate with the Chief Campus Ambassador to coordinate fundraising events.

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