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The Campus Ambassador Program

Are you looking to build a pre-law community on your University or College campus? The Campus Ambassador Program by the Canadian Law Review allows students to engage with their campuses and universities by organizing CLR-sponsored pre-law events, finding ways to support pre-law engagement on campus, and connecting with law alum and mentors. This volunteer position opens opportunities for students to take on a more active role in their community and build their pre-law network. Applications are open, and are being accepted on a rolling basis. To find out more about the program, hear from Campus Ambassadors in our testimonials below or check out our Application Page. 

Testimonies from Campus Ambassadors

"In my roles as both the McMaster Campus Ambassador and the Chief Campus Ambassador of the CLR, I have had the opportunity to meet new people from all across Canada and take part in panels with distinguished legal experts. As the Campus Ambassador for McMaster, I was able to get more involved with my school community and network with law clubs across campus on behalf of the CLR. This not only proved to be a helpful networking opportunity but also provided me the flexibility to focus on my studies while also taking part in such an amazing initiative.  Here at the CLR, we are dedicated to bridging the gap between undergraduate studies, law school, and beyond for Canadian students. We embrace diversity and welcome new perspectives. We would love to have you join us on our mission to bring academic discourse about Canadian law to all levels of education!" Nancy Mancino, Chief Campus Ambassador (Current)

"The CLR Campus Ambassador Program has given me the opportunity to connect with students from across the country, organizing events with lots of different campuses and ambassadors and building a pre-law network and community, spanning from coast to coast. My unique experience as Chief Campus Ambassador has well prepared me in my recent role as Chief of Operations at the Canadian Law Review and has shaped my framework in the way I continue to work with CA's in my daily role" Reagan Lindsay-Kereluik, Former Chief Campus Ambassador (July 2023 - December 2023)

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