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CLR's virtual fellowship program offers students a unique opportunity to learn about peer review and to receive hands-on support from law school editors. The publishing process provides up-and-coming legal advocates the opportunity to research and publish compositions that facilitate conversations about gaps, criticisms and solutions within jurisprudence and the practice of law in Canada. The Canadian Law Review is keenly interested in closing the gap within legal discourse which is often exclusive to legal scholars. For this reason, it is our mandate that we promote legal innovation and discourse by elevating youth voices through our programs and initiatives. The Review brings together various generations of legal advocates and experts with young legal minds to share perspectives, while also mentoring those who will be the future leaders in the legal sphere. Harmoniously with our mission to empower youth in their contributions to legal discussions, the Review operates virtually which permits nationwide dialogue about legal issues, no matter the jurisdiction. 


The Junior Research Fellow is a coveted, competitive position with an acceptance rate of less than 5%. This renown position offers selected writers the opportunity to be paired with editors (J.D. students) in writing a publication on a legal topic of interest. The Editors will guide them in the composition and submission of the article or essay for peer-review and publication. The applications for writers in the JRF program will run from early July through August. Through our blind review process, those selected for the Review will be paired with our Senior Editors (J.D. Students) at the beginning of October. Articles will be released on a rolling basis and one volume is published per academic year.

Applying to be a Junior Research Fellow
Junior Research Fellow Applications for Volume 3 are currently closed. Applications for Volume 4 (Publishing for the Summer of 2025) will open in early July 2024. Stay posted!
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